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    Welcome to our DayZ Hacks And cheats

    Fed up of always looking over your shoulder? 
    Fed up of always wondering around and finding no action?
    Fed up of never finding items?
    Do you just want to be a DayZ God?
    Well look no further.

    This DayZ hack has it all. 

    Our DayZ hacks are one of the oldest and most prominent hacks in our selection. 
    DayZ is one of those games where you can play for hour and hours and 
    then die to some random bullshit. 
    Well look no further people. With our DayZ hack you can cut out all the nitty gritty stuff
    that would normally take you hours.. and with one of our most famous features Magic Bullet(instant kill)
    this hack is certainly one for a DayZ hacker.

    As seen in this short video below.

    Our DayZ hack comes with the following features;

    -No Recoil
    -So Spread
    -No bulletDrop
    -Radar hack
    -Stream Safe
    -Remove Grass
    -Everything ESP
    -Animal,zombie ESP
    -Custom time setting

    Our DayZ products come in various formats. Each with there own 
    different features. You can peak into our top of the range DayZ hacks
    or you can just experience the edges with a budget edition.

    Our hacks stay undetected for weeks at a time but are subject to 
    updates are various times. Please check our Status page for detection info.
    We have testers and a automated system constantly checking our hacks for
    detection status, so we can keep you up to date.


    When you purchases with us you will receive the best and most respectable support
    we can offer in the hacking industry. We have the best support staff available,
    if you have a problem, just send in a ticket and we will be right with you!


    When you purchases with us you will receive the best and most simple set up guide there
    is out there. 1 program, 1 button, It's that simple and if you find yourself stuck, simply fly 
    on over to our installation page and you'll find a guide right there waiting for you, and if thats
    not enough, we will soon have video tutorials for all games! but if you are still having trouble
    Our ticket system is always availa
    ble for you.

    About Our Hacks

    When you purchases a hack you will receive a key via e-mail and under the "my purchases" page
    once you receive this key the timer for your hack will only start once you have activated it via
    our launcher. This is to ensure the users get the most out of the time purchased from their hack.

    We offer support whenever it is needed, night or day. Send a ticket and we will get right back to you.

    We Stride to deliver the industries safest hacks, so please keep a check up on our status page, it 
    gets updated daily to keep our users happy and safe.

    We are not just another company in the hacking industry, we stride to be "the" hacking company in the
    hacking industry, number one in fact and to do this we promise to live up to your expectations. We will work 
    to continuously satisfy our customers by providing the industry's very best products and service.  

    If you are still uncertain about purchasing with us, please send in a support ticket with your questions and queries.

    Purchasing And Getting Started

    If you do wish to purchase a product from us or want to see what is available at this current moment
    then please hop over to our store page and check out our products.

    Once you have made a purchase you will receive an automatic e-mail from our system. This will contain
    a link to our client page, a link to our installation page and your personal access-key to activate in
    our client.

    Thank You For Checking Out Our DayZ Hacks

    If you like what you see, head over to our STORE!

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