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    Rust is an open-world, online multiplayer, survival game. Rust has immersive sounds and effects that grab you and pull you right into the game, this comes along with realistic graphics. When you have both of these together, along with the detailed in-depth crafting and building system, Rust is seriously a game that you can get completely lost in. This does not come at no cost though, being an online multiplayer you are not alone in this vast world and will very quickly come face to face with another player which will either become your friend or foe.

    Rust uses survival based skills that a normal human comes with. You are thrown into this world with little to nothing. You will have to scavenge for nearly everything, progress starts off pretty lose but can speed up as you progress into the game and get better tools. This is the same for your base, the better materials, the better your base, the better tools you use, the faster you can collect materials to create your base, which means this increases your base growth. 

    The game not only has other players roaming around looking to stitch you up at the quickest moment, but also comes with creatures roaming around, these can vary from wolves to boars, so you have to not only keep an eye out for other players but for these animals as well. If you feel up to the challenge, you can take down these animals for materials and meat, obviously some are harder than others. You can do many things with these materials, such as making clothes to keep you warm or by creating weapons, such as arrows, axes and other tools to help defend yourself or gather resources.

    You will have to use all these things to help you survive and progress through the game.

    Servers & Mods

    It is very common that people play on community servers, as this generally hold a better experience. This is because people who use community servers are very committed to role-player or generally want to play properly.

    This sounds very strange I know... 

    "Why would a hacker want to play on a community server, when others want to play seriously / properly" - Well the answer is quite simple. Doing stuff on community servers holds a lot more value then public servers. Anyone can role up on a public server at any time and raid your base / your stuff, so no one really holds any value to it. On a community server were people are playing a lot more seriously, then you being able to see their location and/or their base and being able to raid it brings a lot of satisfaction to the player / hacker. Maybe it's just a case of, you are fed up of getting raided and maybe you want to be the guy on the attacking end or maybe you want to be able to defend your base with our deadly aimbot or see if people are sneaking up on you.

    In any situation, our hacks will work with any community server and/or mods. You will have no trouble loading up our hack and hoping into ANY server you like.

    This does not come without consequences though and being a website that is dedicated to giving the hacker the best experience in and out of games, it's on that principle we tell you that if you are going to be hacking on these community servers, they are highly moderated and can mostly see EVERYTHING that you are doing. So please take great caution when hacking on such servers. You can not only be reported by other players but also mods tend to just hang on invisible checking up on people, so if you are doing something very fishy, chances are, the mods already know. 
    However, that being said, this is completely different to public servers, here you can run around however you like, hell, maybe even fly across the map, you have nothing to worry about. This also links into why people don't take public servers as seriously as community servers. Public servers are very prone to hackers, were as community servers are moderated enough to have the average player, play seriously.

    Rust Aimbot

    Rust being an open world multiplayer game means that you will run into a lot of players and animals roaming around. Being a survival game means you will most likely have to create your own weapons and ammo. It can get very frustrating when you craft 10 arrows and miss them all.. I mean.. It does happen. Our aimbot gives you the opportunity to not only never miss but hit with deadly accuracy against any opponent. In a game that is all about survival it is KEY to be able to aim and our hacks will provide that for you. You never need to back down from a fight again. Every arrow you craft, every bullet you make, we will make them count. No more crafting 30 arrows just to kill one person, you will now need to only craft 5! The aimbot will destroy any opponent you face. They will have to think twice about fighting you or someone else again, you may even make them contemplate if they are actually as good as they think they are....

    Rust ESP

    Extra Sensory Perception(ESP) is a posh way for saying you have an alien brain. You no longer only see what is in your FOV, but you will see everything around you, if only we had this IRL haha!

    Not to get this confused with Wallhack. An ESP is all about information and giving you user more information then you would normally receive, whether its from bullets left in your gun to bullets left in the enemy gun, an ESP is mostly all about information. 

    Rust ESP will show you everything, from natural materials around you, to high tier loot that a player maybe hiding in places you never would think to look, Maybe you raid a massive base and find nearly nothing of value, this ESP will show you were a clan/player hides all their loot. 

    An ESP will help you spot players from very far distances and give the user various information, such as health, distance, what item they are holding etc. This can vary from cheat to cheat, as not every cheat is the same, some will even tell you how much of a resource is left or were valuable resources are.

    You will be able to see resources, high level gear, enemy positions, wildlife positions and more! You will never need to be afraid of whats around the corner again. 

    Rust Wallhack

    Rust Wallhack, not to get this confused with ESP. A wallhack will allow the user to see enemy and/or wildlife through walls and other various terrain. It can also allow you see other things through walls, such as resources or loot. An ESP will tell you were it is, a wallhack will show you were it is. For the most part Wallhack and ESP pretty much go hand in hand, it is very rare you will get one without the other.  


    Our hacks stay undetected for weeks at a time but are subject to 
    updates at various times. Please check our Status page for detection info.
    We have testers and a automated system constantly checking our hacks for
    detection status, so we can keep you up to date.


    When you purchases with us you will receive the best and most respectable support
    we can offer in the hacking industry. We have the best support staff available,
    if you have a problem, just send in a ticket and we will be right with you.


    When you purchases with us you will receive the best and most simple set up guide there
    is out there. 1 program, 1 button, It's that simple and if you find yourself stuck, simply fly 
    on over to our installation page and you'll find a guide right there waiting for you, and if that's
    not enough, we will soon have video tutorials for all games! but if you are still having trouble
    Our ticket system is always available for you. 

    About Our Hacks

    When you purchases a hack you will receive a key via e-mail and under the "my purchases" page
    once you receive this key the timer for your hack will only start once you have activated it via
    our launcher. This is to ensure the users get the most out of the time purchased from their hack.

    We offer support whenever it is needed, night or day. Send a ticket and we will get right back to you.

    We Stride to deliver the industries safest hacks, so please keep a check up on our status page, it 
    gets updated daily to keep our users happy and safe.

    We are not just another company in the hacking industry, we stride to be "the" hacking company in the
    hacking industry, number one in fact and to do this we promise to live up to your expectations. We will work 
    to continuously satisfy our customers by providing the industry's very best products and service.  
    If you are still uncertain about purchasing with us, please send in a support ticket with your questions and queries.

    Purchasing And Getting Started

    If you do wish to purchase a product from us or want to see what is available at this current moment
    then please hop over to our store page and check out our products.

    Once you have made a purchase you will receive an automatic e-mail from our system. This will contain
    a link to our client page, a link to our installation page and your personal access-key to activate in
    our client.

    Thank you for checking out our PUBG cheats!

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